‘J Ching, J Chong’ is the collaboration between two childhood friends, James Huynh and Julian Yung. In this blog, they are known as J Ching and J Chong respectively.

About J Ching:


Hello, dear reader. Many know me as either James Huynh and Spunky, but on this blog that I’ve made with Julian, I’ve adopted the title J Ching. We’ve started this blog as a way to express our opinions on films and games we like and hate. I personally am a huge film buff, and I’m currently undertaking a film course at RMIT University. Though I don’t game very often (my PC’s not the high-end kind, and I don’t have the latest console), I will be reviewing some games, but mostly I’m focused on film. I’ve been writing film reviews since I was 15, and have done so on many websites including Flixster and Listal. I tend to be the generous type of critic (I like Transformers…), and from time to time, films that everyone seems to like will be hated by me, for example, The Hurt Locker. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog J Chong and I have started. Hopefully it will move into new places soon.

Listal Profile: http://spunkeroo.listal.com/

About J Chong:


Hello, dear reader. You may know me as either Julian Yung or Ricepicker, a nickname that has been given from cadets. On this blog, I’m known as J Chong. Unlike J Ching, I’m more into gaming,  mainly on PC and Apple Products, as I have a pretty high end PC. Mostly I would be reviewing games, new or old that you should know about. This is my first time writing reviews and would like to learn many thing from doing this. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I like posting in it. Hopefully it will move into new places soon.

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