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Met TheOddOne today…

I’m not the biggest League of Legends player at the moment, but at one point of my life, I always played the game. Today, I met one of the best LoL players ever – TheOddOne of Team Solomid. He was holding a Meet and Greet session over here in Melbourne, so I popped over there with a few friends. Was actually hoping I would take a photo with his girlfriend, Lamill, as J Chong is also a huge fan of hers. Totally would’ve made him jelly. Ah well, it was fun anyway – I managed to get a photo with The OddOne and I at least saw Lamill in person – she is gorgeous.


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League of Legends review

Many people may find League of Legend players as basement dwellers, no lives or simply nerds. But… it is the truth. Once you’re addicted to LoL. You cannot stop, only wanting to play more and level up as fast as you can.

The gameplay in LoL is similar to its counterpart, Dota 2. LoL is a free online game, so no need to stress about the wallet. Gameplay at the start of matches are a bit slow, but when everyone reaches are high enough level there will be massive team battles that you would not want to miss. LoL is both strategic and heavily online based, not a good internet connection is needed to play LoL, but a good one would be preferred by your team mates.  LoL has a small number of different game types. The most popular are the 5v5 and the 3v3. The variety of champions is amazing, with 99 playable characters. Choosing the one character that you would play well with is hard. Many of the characters come in different classes, such as “tanks”, “support” and “assassins”. Trying to find that one character that would suit you would take some time.

Although the game has many positive aspects, there are equally as many negative aspects to the game. Many times when logging into LoL there would be updates or the servers are down. Making you want to smash your screen. LoL gameplay might be repetitive sometimes, as most matches are played on the same map. Finding matches is another major issue, finding a match that is free is hard and often takes 2-3 minutes. Also, as I stated before, finding the right type of character that you would play well as will take a long time. Matches last from 20min to sometimes 1 hour. So be prepared not to leave or you’ll be reported and called an “n**b”.

League of Legends is an awesome online game to play with friends or solo. This game has lots of potential so be prepared to face updates every few days or so. Overall I would rate this game an 8 out of 10. Purely because there are some small in game issues that can be fixed and there is more potential with this game. I would recommend LoL to people who have played Dota or other types of online games before taking on LoL.

Happy Gaming 🙂


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